About Us

Elite Health Club is a open membership gym similar in some ways to many major gyms. However, we have a very different business strategy. Instead of exploiting membership contracts to have a huge profit we want to use memberships to improve the health of our members. Read our page “Why Elite Health Club?” for more information on how we accomplish this.

Elite Physical Therapy and Health, LLC was founded June 2009 as a private outpatient physical therapy practice by Curtis Mason, DPT.

There was initially very limited gym membership, mostly for patients that needed to continue doing exercises. After receiving multiple requests to start a gym that would provide some competition in the area we decided to purchase enough equipment to satisfy a moderate demand.

We were originally located at 1255 Oakley Avenue as a physical therapy clinic then  moved to 1316 Oakley Avenue in June 2010, when we opened the gym. Then in January 2012 we moved to 1200 Oakley Avenue which is on the corner of Oakley and Main in Burley. This should be our final location in Burley.

January 2014 we added an additional location in Twin Falls at 170 S Park Ave. We hope to continue to expand having more gyms towards Boise and Pocatello.



Curtis Mason, DPT, CEO

Curtis is a doctor of physical therapy and the company’s owner. He graduated from the University of Utah and has been practicing since 2005. He did his doctoral work in tendon pathology and has had training in Pain Reflex Release Techniques. He is constantly looking for ways to improve the services he offers.

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