You will find us located at 1200 Oakley Ave in downtown Burley on the corner of Oakley Ave and Main St, which is across the street from the Chadwick restaurant and kittie corner from the old Burley Theater.

Our Burley facility has excellent cardio equipment featuring top of the line incline trainers, treadmills including a Woodway Force Athletic Training Treadmill, and ellipticals. We also have 2 types of machine circuits allowing you to pick between differing feels and intensities. Our Burley facility has 4 Functional Trainers which allow you to do any weight lifting exercise on them.

A separate group fitness floor overlooks downtown Burley and has a phenomenal sound system and ambient lighting. Group fitness classes include Zumba, Suspension Training, and Yoga.

Another Floor is dedicated to free weights.

View the group fitness schedule for Burley HERE.

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