Why Elite?

Whether you are looking for Physical Therapy, Gym Membership, or Personal Training we offer the best price, the best motivation, and the best equipment.


With one-on-one Physical Therapy, expect your treatment to cost about half of what it will at competing hospitals or clinics that see multiple patients at a time. This is due to shorter recovery times, shorter more focused treatments. You will get the same or better outcomes with lower cost, better satisfaction, and time to spare.

With Gym Membership, you can select if you want to work towards a free or reduced membership fee, based on your performance and adherence to the program, or get two Personal Training sessions per month and get 24/7 access free.

Most people who see our prices for Personal Training immediately ask, with doubt, if the trainer is certified. Yes, we offer Certified Personal Training for prices our competitors will not touch.


One-on-one Physical Therapy is next to impossible to do without significant motivation. One therapist with one patient for the entire treatment. Each exercise is specifically tailored to match current need every visit.

Our exclusive free membership is the most motivational membership without personal training that can be found. Come in 12 days per month and your basic membership fee is waived. Don’t come in and you will pay the monthly dues. We are also working on some other options that may increase the motivation even more. Stay tuned for those programs as they launch potentially as soon as January.

Personal Training=Motivation. Enough said.


If you have ever done Physical Therapy where they make you use bands and tubes, that multiple other people have used and made sticky, for your exercise you will see what difference can be made with good equipment. Our equipment is the best in the area for a gym or physical therapy. Whereas most clinics will buy limited equipment in either the light commercial or home models, our equipment is all full commercial. This ensures improved mechanics and better function which translates into better results.

All gym members can rest assured that the equipment has been selected for usefulness by a Doctor of Physical Therapy who can buy whatever equipment meets proper body mechanic specifications. This means that the mechanics of the machines are good enough for both athletes and the frail. This reduces the risk of injury and optimizes efficiency.

Personal Training + The Best Equipment = Outstanding Results.


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